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Cheek Fillers in Fairfax, Virginia

Spending hours on your makeup to perfect your contour? Boring! Not to mention, you’ve probably got better things to do.


If you’re ready to stop spending money on contouring palettes and makeup brushes and want something more lasting, then take a look at what cheek fillers can do for you.


Why Choose Cheek Fillers for Better Contour?


Cheek fillers are the easiest and simplest way to get glamorous, round cheeks. Not only do these cosmetic injections look ultra-natural, they are well-tolerated by most people.


With cheek fillers, you never have to worry about an unnatural appearance or being stuck with awkward-looking implants.


What Do Cheek Fillers Feel Like?


Cosmetic injections for your cheeks using dermal fillers is virtually pain-free. They are non-surgical, non-invasive, and require no downtime afterward. Many people use their lunch breaks to receive treatment and head straight back to work after.


Some people report a little tenderness, redness, and swelling at the injection sites. However, these side effects go away quickly, with no further treatment from your provider.


When Will I See Cheek Filler Results?


Ready for the great news? Results with cheek filler are immediate and continue to improve over the following weeks. Cheek fillers work to draw collagen into the treated area, so it takes time to achieve maximum results.


Am I a Good Candidate for Cheek Filler?


If you want to enhance your cheeks and are over the age of 18, then you’re likely an ideal candidate for cheek filler. Discuss your ideal aesthetic with your cosmetic injection specialist to see if dermal fillers for cheeks are right for you. 


Where Is the Best Place to Get Cheek Filler in Fairfax?

Come to an oasis at Crystal Clarity Medical Spa! We are dedicated to making you look and feel beautiful with results that will stun you.


If you’re ready to pare down your makeup routine and experience the sensational results cheek filler can provide, contact us at 571-777-6500 today to book an appointment!