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PRP in Fairfax, Virginia for Facial Rejuvenation

Haven’t yet heard about platelet-rich plasma facials, or PRP? Prepare to have your mind blown! PRP is rich in healing protein and helps rejuvenate any area where it is used. While originally used in medicine to treat sports injuries and other conditions, PRP is making waves in the aesthetic industry, as it is a revolutionary way to reverse the aging process. 


PRP facials boost collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while tightening the skin. This anti-aging treatment is top tier when it comes to facial rejuvenation! 


Why Choose PRP, the Face Lift Alternative?


This non-invasive treatment provides sensational results that last. In fact, it can be from 12-18 months before you need an additional treatment.  And, it doesn’t just undo what aging has done to your appearance. It can treat acne scarring, eliminate dark circles under eyes, and reduce sun damage for maximum skin health!


PRP is non-invasive and safe. In fact, it uses your body’s own plasma, virtually eliminating your risk of rejection or allergic reaction.


Does a PRP Facial Hurt?


While you may experience slight discomfort, many people find PRP to be painless.


When Will I See PRP Facial Rejuvenation Results?


It takes time for your skin to heal from the inside out! But, in just a few short weeks you will see a significant improvement, and you may see minor PRP facial changes after one week. 


Am I a Good Candidate for PRP?


Do you want to improve the health of your skin and look younger and more refreshed in the process? Great, then you’re likely an eligible candidate, no matter your skin tone or color, your age, or your gender. To find out if a PRP facial is right for you, speak with a skincare expert.


Where Can I Find Out if I Qualify for PRP in Fairfax for Rejuvenation?

At Crystal Clarity, we offer PRP consultations and treatment if you’re an ideal candidate. Contact us today at 571-777-6500 to begin. Healthy skin is in and always in style!