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PRP for Hair in Fairfax, Virginia

A revolutionary treatment for hair growth is on the scene, and you may have already heard about it because it’s so popular.


It’s PRP, platelet-rich plasma injections. If you want to increase your hair thickness and have a fuller head of hair, then PRP is definitely an option. PRP for hair loss is a non surgical approach to hair restoration for hair loss due to a family history, stress induced hair loss, aging and pregnancy.  


Why Choose PRP?


There are so many benefits to this amazing treatment that is changing the lives of men and women experiencing hair loss. This quick and easy injection procedure provides remarkable results without the pain, risks, and downtime of surgery. There is no recovery period necessary after treatment or risk of scarring.


Am I a Good Candidate for PRP?


If you want to restore the look and feel of your own natural hair, then you’re likely an eligible candidate. No matter your age, skin tone or color, or your gender, PRP hair restoration may be right for you. There are certain hair loss conditions that PRP cannot treat, so you should talk to an injection specialist to see if you’re eligible.


Where Can I Get Sensational Results From PRP in Fairfax?


At Crystal Clarity, our outstanding providers are trained and skilled at administering PRP injections to restore your hair.


Contact us today at 571-777-6500 to find out if you’re an ideal candidate for PRP hair rejuvenation. A thicker, fuller head of hair is just a phone call away!